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STEELINXpro spol. s r.o

STEELINXpro spol. s.r.o. is a company estabilished in 2000.

Our activity is based on extensive practice and experience of founder members in the field of steel constructions. Our designers have more than thirty-year experience with projection, production and realisation of hall objects which they obtained during years spent in companies RD Jeseník and HARD Jeseník. Here they begun - as the first ones in Czech Republic - to use highly efficient software Xsteel (nowadays Tekla Structures) for creation of documentation for steel constructions.

Due to preparation of perfect and quality documentation the company has been gaining new customers since the very beginnings. Our customers has been repeatedly searching our service with a variety of demands on preparation of documentation for steel constructions of halls, buildings and technological constructions for chemical and electrical industry. Constant improving of our knowledge and skills supported by investments in technical, both hardware and software equipment, has proven itself right. Therefore we create background for preparation of documentation of vast and shape-demanding structures, see "References".

We use our practical knowledge and extensive experience with technological constructions for chemical and automotive industry when working for our new business partners, including those from abroad with whom we have launched long-term cooperation. Due to ten years of experience with Tekla Structures software we are able to prepare documentation of both big and small projects in quick and quality way. Apart from usual drawing documentation we provide our partners with other services depending on their needs, ways of organising of production and technological equipment. For foreign projects we are able to apply locally available material and possibilities of manufacturers and to follow local norms. For our permanent partners our company has already steady ways of preparation of documentation from simple form up to preparation of complicated data structures including requred aimed language mutation.

Modern communcation technology enables us to involve the largest constituency of our cooperative experts and companies into solution of your problems.

Ing.Jiří Šimek
managing director


20-years on the market !

New referencies added for 2019 and 2020 year !

OFFICE MOVED FROM 1.5.2015 !!!
K. Čapka 1147/10 ( IPOS building ),
5th floor  No.572,
790 01 Jeseník


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