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Engineering activity in construction
Design activity in the field of steel construction production

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We've been a family business operating in the market for 24 years. Our designers have more than 30 years of experience with steel structures of various types and designs. We were there when work started in the Czech Republic on the first ever installations of Xsteel software (todayTekla Structures).

In our lifetime we have been given the opportunity to work on small and large scale projects, different purposes and construction sites on all continents of this planet.
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35 let
Annual capacity of projects
0 - 3000t
Total implemented
1300+ contracts
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Company history
STEELINXpro spol. s r.o. was founded in 2000.

The founding members became employees of the then transforming company HARD Jeseník, formerly RD Jeseník, who as members of the same family decided to take their fate into their own hands. The foundation was more than 30 years of experience in the design, production and realization of hall objects, which they gained over the past 30 years. Despite its difficult beginnings, the company gradually gained new and new customers, mainly due to a revolutionary change in the way production and assembly documentation of steel structures was created on the Czech market. The experience of the first ever users of Xsteel software today Tekla Structures, first put into real practice at the already mentioned firm HARD Jeseník, was then an undeniable advantage. Fortunately, in the early 2000s, the dynamically developing construction industry brought new and new opportunities, including in the area of special technological constructions, when it was necessary to intensively and constantly develop the company's knowledge and technical base. This gradually created its own technical support systems built on the open architecture of the Tekla Structures program for easier and faster modeling, drawings for production and assembly and other additional documentation in the form of listings, lists and data structures for subsequent use by our customers. Years went by contract after contract, project after project, bringing new knowledge and experience and requirements for the development of the processing system.

Even today, hand in hand with this internal process, we are constantly managing to increase the speed of order processing and, above all, the quality of drawing documentation and their parts. Moreover, the heterogeneous demands of individual customers on the appearance and form of documentation, as well as the data support of their own manufacturing processes, add to the challenge of this never-ending process. With the development of 3D modelling by means of computing over the past decade and in other downstream fields, it became necessary to acquire the knowledge of the BIM process. Thanks to a two-way data exchange with customers and cooperating companies, we can provide the perfect design and design service that is a prerequisite for the successful completion of any project.
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IČ: 25862367, DIČ:CZ25862367 obch.rejstřík vedený Krajským soudem v Ostravě oddíl C, vložka 22835