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Engineering activity in construction
Design activity in the field of steel construction production

Are intended for general contractors of buildings, investors of buildings, manufacturers of steel structures, individual construction and assembly companies, design organizations as well as individual designers or statics.
3D models - we create steel structures in Tekla Structures and from the beginning of the order we provide orderers with continuous access to the model through the Trimble connect application for monitoring the progress of work, design details and necessary project coordination with the downstream professions. You can go to the demonstration here.
Trimble model of hall steel structure
Workshop and assembly documentation - is the main work programme of the company and is processed on the basis of the supplied design documentation with a static calculation of any other available documents. Output is production documentation for individual parts and production items including required reports of various types or data sets for organization and production planning, including production NC-data according to pre-agreed parameters. The assembly documentation shall then include the necessary drawings, inventories of the coupling material and instructions for the successful installation of the steel structure at the construction site.
Item drawings  example
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Part drawings example
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Report example
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Assembly drawings example
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Static calculations - we provide, if necessary, through authorized engineers in the field of steel structure static, with whom we have long collaborated on procurement of project documentation for steel construction of buildings. In case of request we supply so-called small static for selected group of details and assembly connections.
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